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We are PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY, a software development and IT outsourcing company. By IT and business process re-engineering and forming an organization that people can enjoy work, we realize client growth together.


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PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY is an IT outsourcing vendor in process improvement, IT, and organization.

System solutions

System solutions

Our over 30 years of experience as a system integrator enables us to accumulate system building capabilities for high quality system integration and cloud base solutions.

Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing Solutions

Streamline your existing process for increased productivity for ICT Outsourcing, Sales outsourcing, WEB Analytics, and Energy business outsourcing



Consulting services to help our clients reinvent itself in the ever challenging environment in IT infrastructure, process improvement, and human resources.



Our products are designed not only with increased productivity but also our motto of “Create fun work places with us” in mind.

HITO-Link (applicant tracking system), HITO-Talent (talent management system), and POS+ (POS system for restaurants and retails)

Global team system Development

Global team (Cross border teams)

Cross boarder programmers and engineers work together to create best products in class in the fastest way through increased use of set of technological tools and resources to communicate. We offer wide range of product design teams that suit your needs for product development outsourcing.


Below three cases best represent projects where PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY capabilities are showcased.

Maintenance and upgrade of ERP
for a large logistics company

CASE 1 Maintenance and upgrade of ERP for a large logistics company

Contributing to 20% reduction in maintenance costs of ERP by outsourcing all the maintenance work to PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY. Removal of 3 other vendors and resulted in 50% reduction in erroes.

PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY’ proposal to leverage its offshore location in Vietnam for outsourcing destination. PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY trained its Vietnamese staff to be able to handle non-standardized work, enabling the Vietnamese staff to be able to do most of the work, significantly contributing to lower costs.

Lack of standard operating procedure (SOP) in the legacy system was causing inefficiency. PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY utilized automatic system visualization tool (Reverse Planet) to automatically recreate SOP, which eventually led us to the removal of “host”. As for xyz, change miner was employed to be familiar with the structure of the application. This helped us secure reliability of the system and identify all problems during the test.

PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY also helped the client with identification of action list necessary for adoption of IFRS and future look of the system.

Leverage big location data from
Travel Japan’s Wi-Fi networks

CASE 2 Leverage big location data from Travel Japan’s Wi-Fi networks

Building system to keep track of each user’s location for travel Japan ‘s WIFI over AWS

The company, Travel Japan receives several thousand information about each user’s location. The client needed to make sense of the big data generated by its 20,000 wifi spots. PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY was able to cut it over in less than 3 months through increased use of the latest cloud technologies (Amazon EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, and ELB). PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY leveraged cloud techonologies to the maximum extend allowing even future expansion plausible.

The location information can be utilize to send optimal information about promotion information.

Account management for
Telecommunication company

CASE 3 Account management for Telecommunication company

Create optimal balance of IT and sales team. Increase revenue from existing customers while meeting complex and demanding needs.

PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY worked with of one of Telecommunication company’s franchise in which it provides one stop services for all office services. We provided them with holistic solutions from sales analysis, drafting sales strategy, and implementation.

The keys to success are internal meetings designed to share interaction with clients with other members in the sales team to be able to provide consistent services across regardless of the client and introduction of standard operating procedure (SOP). This has given the client very clear visibility in its process, reducing minor mistakes and increased productivity.

This project has allowed Telecommunication company to focus on what is important.


We leverage information and communication technologies (ICT) to create cross border product development teams. ICT has made geographical locations virtually irrelevant.
PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY’ “Global Team” model enables us to conduct software development irrespective of location.

Our own software development office
Tokyo Okinawa Ho-Chi-Minh


Tomoaki Kunimoto

General Director

Virtually free communication technologies and English have given software engineers in South East Asia an access to the world’s latest technologies. This has leveled the playing field, enabling them to deliver the same quality of products as those Western engineers. PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY Vietnam is poised to best take advantage of this trend and provide high value added IT services together with our parent company, PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY Japan. and further emerge to partner with companies all over the world. This has been a significant tailwind for Asian software companies and made great contribution to their emergence to the global IT space. PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY sees further potential in Asia business. We are going to leverage Asia’s IT to provide services to areas beyond Asia to the world.


We have actively been searching partners willing to work with us.
Our global team concept makes your location irrelevant

Software Sales Partnership

Our group (PERSO GROUP) has sales offices in Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. However, we don’t have enough sales office in except Asia such as US and Europe. PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY want to provide software development service to all over the world by making partnership.

Software Development Partnership

PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY has currently more than 800 software developers in Tokyo, Okinawa and HCMC combined. To further expand our client reach, we are actively looking for new partners from all over the world. Our Global Team model makes your location irrelevant.

Privacy Policy

We place the greatest importance in our business on making the proper and effective use of personal information of individuals to accomplish the PERSOL Group’s vision: Work, and Smile. Therefore, we have established the personal information protection management system and this policy. Every executive and employee follows this policy and spares no effort to protect the rights and interests of individuals.

1. Acquisition, Use and Provision of Personal Information
We will clearly specify the reasons for acquiring, using, and providing any personal information within the scope necessary for the achievement of its business activities.
We will only use personal information acquired for the specified scope of use and will take appropriate measures not to use any personal information beyond the specified scope.
In addition, we will select trustees who meet a sufficient level capable of protecting personal information, and will take appropriate measures through the use of a contract when entrusting the handling of all or part of any personal information acquired through the measures specified above.

2. Compliance with laws, state policy and other regulations in relation to personal information
We will comply with laws, state policy and other regulations relating to personal information and, will ensure the appropriate protection and management of personal information in accordance with the personal information protection management system, JISQ15001.

3. Acquisition, Use and Provision of Personal Information
We will take reasonable and appropriate security control measures and will apply corrective actions against risks such as loss, destruction, alteration, disclosure, and improper access of any personal information.

4. Complaints and Inquiries
We will respond appropriately and promptly to any complaints from the original person regarding matters of disclosure, correction, deletion, and/or cessation of their personal information.

5. Continuous improvements to the personal information protection management system
We will continuously review and improve its personal information protection management system.

Contact Offices for Complaints or Inquiries
Personal Information Complaints/Inquiries Desk, PersolProcess&Technology, Ltd E-mail:ppt-privacy

Handling of Personal Information

Treatment of Personal Information

PersolProcess&Technology, Ltd.

PersolProcess&Technology aspires to contribute to society by providing opportunities and places for growth for various individuals who work and a broad-range of services that contribute to the growth of organizations. The diverse information on individuals and the organization in the keeping of PERSOL Group will be used with care to provide high quality services and to achieve growth for individuals and the organization.

This page will explain how your personal information is used and for what purpose, and procedures taken by Temp Holdings for the purpose of responding to your requests concerning your personal information.

Three points explained here.

Personal Information Purpose of Use,Provision of personal information to third parties and joint use  ,Receipt of Requests Relating to Personal Information 

* Provisions in Article 18, 23, and 27 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information are described here. 

1. Personal Information Purpose of Use

The personal information received by PERSO Holdings is used for the following purposes.

If the purpose of use is separately specified to an individual at the time when the individual's personal information is collected, the information shall be used for such specified purpose.

1. Shareholder and investor information
  • Shareholder management based on laws and ordinances
  • Exercising rights and fulfilling obligations based on laws and ordinances
  • Handling of inquiries, etc.
  • Implementing IR related measures such as questionnaires
2. Information on client executives
  • Services provided by PERSOL Group and guidance, provision and requests for related information
  • Receiving applications for various seminars
  • Client management
    * Jointly used by PERSOL Group companies. For details, see"2-2.Joint use of information on client executives and staff."
3. Information obtained when the company is commissioned to undertake work duties
  • Fulfillment of commissioned work
4. Information obtained by conducting interviews for PR activities
  • Publications by PERSO Holdings and PERSOL Group companies in PR media and other media.
  • Contacting related to PR activities

2. Provision/joint use of personal information to third parties

2-1. Joint use of information on client executives

Information on client executives is jointly used at PERSOL Group as mentioned hereinafter in order to provide comprehensive services that make use of the expertise of each of its Group companies. 

Personal information items for joint use Name, name of affiliated organization, department name, location, position title, e-mail address, telephone number, FAX number, transaction history
Scope of joint use Of PERSOL Group companies (see here for the most recent list of Group companies), companies that have already issued notifications and made official announcements in accordance with Item 3, Paragraph 5, Article 23 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
Use purpose of those sharing use of personal information To provide guidance and proposals on services offered by PERSOL Group
Protection Officer of personal information for shared use PERSO Holdings Co., Ltd.
Acquisition method Information acquired through business card exchange, collection of information widely and generally disseminated, negotiation, application for deals, etc. shall be shared by PERSOL Group companies by way of a common system.

* Other than this, personal information may be provided to third parties with the consent of the individual in question.

2-2. Provision to third parties such as in accordance with laws and ordinances

Personal information may be provided to third parties in cases which apply to each item of Paragraph 1, Article 23 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (such as cases subject to laws and ordinances).

3. Receipt of Requests Relating to Personal Information

3-1. Requests relating to your own personal information

Of personal information set forth in "1. Personal Information Purpose of Use," except for information that applies to "3. Information obtained when the company is commissioned to undertake work duties," PERSO Holdings accepts the following compliance requests from the said person (Requester) or the requester's proxy.

Acceptance of requests
  • Notification of purpose of use
  • Disclosure
  • Correction, addition, or deletion of details
  • Use suspension
  • Deletion
  • Suspension of provision to third parties

[Request Procedures]

Please apply through any one of the following methods.

Internet request Contact PersolProcess&Technology using the Inquiry Form. 
* PersolProcess&Technology shall verify your identity with the information you have provided.  We will be unable to comply with a request if you have not notified your e-mail address in advance or if your e-mail address differs from your previously provided e-mail.
Request by postal mail Download PersolProcess&Technology' prescribed "Personal Information Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, etc. Request Form", fill out the requisite items, and mail the form to PERSO Holdings together with the prescribed documents. 
■ Personal Information Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, etc. Request Form

3-1. Access Information

In the Company’s websites, the Company collects the users accessing history using Web-beacon of its own or provided by a third party.

3-2. Complaints or consultation on the handling of personal information

If you have a complaint or seek counsel on the handling of personal information held by this company, please apply through any of the following methods.

Internet application Please contact us by e-mail.
Telephone application Telephone:  03-6385-6798
Office hours:  Weekdays 10:00 - 18:00

The contents of the PersolProcess&Technology Web page may be changed to protect your personal information or in compliance with changes in laws, ordinances or other rules. You will be notified of any changes on the PersolProcess&Technology corporate Website or by e-mail, etc.